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japanese gates, arbors, torii gates • bamboo planting, care, and removal • custom styles of bamboo fence construction • asian garden design & installation • pond installation • landscaping

Japanese gates, tea houses, torii gates
Jade Mountain designs and installs water gardens, waterfalls, 'deer-scarers' bamboo water pipes, custom styles of Japanese bamboo fences, Japanese gates, and Torii gates.

In fact if you see something in a Japanese design garden book or magazine and we don't have it, in most cases we can make it for you!

Bamboo planting, care, and removal
We install all species and sizes of bamboo and, if desired, can place a barrier to prevent the bamboo from wandering into areas where it is not desired. Conversely, we can cull or remove various areas of your grove or remove it in its entirety.

Bamboo Fences
Jade Mountain Bamboo designs, builds and installs custom styles of Japanese bamboo fencing ranging in size from the simple bamboo hoop fence to the very elaborate and intricate. Whole pole, split pole, bamboo weave and the earthy warm look of woven pine branches with bamboo trim are just some of our many options. We have a bamboo fence book where you can pick out any design or pattern you like and we will build it for you in the height and width you desire.

Asian garden design & installation, Pond installation
Our staff is experienced in designing and installing Japanese style gardens in urban or rural settings. From small areas off your patio to larger sections of your backyard, we can transform a typical backyard lot into a peaceful retreat from everyday stresses.

We specialize in...

  • small garden ponds,

  • waterfalls,

  • custom built Japanese style bamboo fencing constructed with imported, cured poles from China,

  • handmade Japanese garden bells in any color and design,

  • hand tuned wind chimes up to 4 feet long,

  • granite handmade water basins,

  • Japanese style garden lanterns,

  • rain chains,

  • large ceramic pots,

  • wood torii gates,

  • Japanese wood-bamboo entrance gates, and

  • bamboo water features such as 'deerscarers'

At Jade Mountain Bamboo we not only offer the traditional service of helping you decide what kind of bamboo you may require, but where and how to plant it so that it blends in seamlessly with your present yard or garden landscape. Many people purchase bamboo to add a touch of the Orient to their garden.


While few sounds equal a soft warm wind gently carressing bamboo leaves, some of our customers buy bamboo for just one reason: privacy. Why? Many new homes today are built close to each other and thus deny the 'inner space' and privacy we all desire. You don't want a backyard party or dip in the hot tub ruined by curious neighbors peering down on you from their second story window.

Jade Mountain customers realize that bamboo may be the answser. It's quick vertical growth, low maintenance and evergreen features make it much more desirable than planting trees to accomplish the same thing - and it does it far faster than trees. Within three years your privacy screen will be complete! The same privacy screen with trees would take from 10 - 15 years and most trees are not evergreen!


Jade Mountain has the equipment to do it all! A large flatbed truck with a hydraulic boom mounted just aft of the cab loads heavy specimen size clumps of bamboo, plus onloads and offloads our 5HP 'Ditch Witch,' that serves a duel function of digging clumps of bamboo and installing containment barrier.

Jade Mountain also has a 'Bobcat' which makes it easy to move large quantities of compost and soil in a short period of time. We also have a 16 foot flatbed trailer that provides us with another mode of hauling both bamboo and materials.


At your request, Jade Mountain can install high impact, 40 mil thick polyurethane plastic sheeting that comes in rolls of 300 feet and is normally used to contain the root system of trees planted within city areas such as malls and streets. We have found that this works exceptionally well to control the possible spread of bamboo.


For those of you desiring to have bamboo removed from your property, Jade Mountain can do it. Please call or email us for our rates. Some bamboos, depending on species, may be removed at no charge.

Freshly dug Black Bamboo ready for sale

Flatbed truck with hoist (DitchWitch in foreground)

The DitchWitch has the duel role of quick easy removal of mature bamboo groves and isolated clumps along with its main function of digging a 2.5 foot trench for bamboo barrier installation.

The Ditch Witch in action! It digs up large clumps like a hot knife going through butter. In special cases these are then returned to the nursery where they are quartered, potted up and ready for sale in a short period of time.