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A Great selection of bamboo plants • japanese maples • ornamental grasses • bonsai • hardy tropicals • ornamental trees and shrubs • much more soon!

Many species of bamboo plants
Available in 1-15 gallon containers -- or dug to order!

Jade Mountain carries many species of bamboo plants (see below) ranging in size from groundcovers to timber bamboo that grow to 50 feet, in colors colors from jet black to all gold, green, and gold and green. We also have variegated species.

A bonsai plant achieves its miniature yet mature form through a long and delicate process of trimming, shaping and wiring during the formative years of the tree. For hundreds of years, Bonsai miniature trees and landscapes have enthralled the Western world with their sculptured delicate beauty, complex forms, and simplistic perfection.

Jade Mountain offers outdoor bonsai in sizes from very small to about three feet. Our outdoor bonsai is propagated, cultivated, and trained here, in the Pacific Northwest.

Japanese Maples
We offer a great selection of maples here at Jade Mountain. Our selection ranges from the common to the rare and amazing. Colors of deep to bright purple, magenta, delicate and lacy green, pink and purple intermixed, and bright green with flaming red tips on top of many more. Let us help you find a maple thats right for that part of your yard that needs a little something different and special!

Ornamental Trees
Ornamental trees are not in short supply here. We carry many forms of evergreen and deciduious trees specially picked for their unique and ornamental traits. We also specialize in compact trees for the gardener with limited space who may want to add something special and space efficient. Let us be your guide to picking out a great addition to your garden.

Ornamental Grasses
Come see our selection of ornamental grasses as well. We have a great variety of grasses in a mix of sizes and colors sure to please.

Phyllostachys vivax 'Aureocaulis'

Acer Palmatum 'Mikazuki'

Pleioblastus viridistriatus or 'Dwarf Green Stripe'

Acer Palmatum 'Atrolineare'