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Garden Ornaments
Jade Mountain garden ornaments include

  • hand-carved Japanese style granite lanterns -- in all sizes and designs (inscriptions are available),
  • granite water basins in several styles and colors,
  • granite Japanese coin basins,
  • concrete poured lanterns and statuary,
  • Japanese garden bells with your own design or logo (or pick one of ours in any color you like),
  • hand-tuned wind chimes in 3 and 4 foot designs (or smaller if you like).

Large Temple Garden Bells
Our large temple garden bells makes an impressive "Zen" statement while evoking tones of faraway exotic forgotten lands. They come in red, black, pewter, brown, green, blue, teal, burgundy or any custom color you desire; and with our embossed designs (or yours), these bell can be one-of-a-kind.

In Japan, it is believed that bells attract good luck and bring prosperity. Inspired by ancient Japanese temple bells, our impressive temple garden bells features several different designs and come in many different colors (or your own design, logo and color!). Each bell measures 14" in height and 7" in diameter and includes" brackets and an "S" hook for ease of hanging. From the time you place your order until you pick up your bell, it is 2-3 weeks.

Bamboo Poles
Our cured, bamboo poles are imported from China in all sizes -- from pencil diameter to 6 inch diameter giants.

Bamboo Fences
Jade Mountain Bamboo designs, builds and installs custom styles of Japanese bamboo fencing ranging in size from the simple bamboo hoop fence to the very elaborate and intricate. Whole pole, split pole, bamboo weave and the earthy warm look of woven pine branches with bamboo trim are just some of our many options. We have a bamboo fence book where you can pick out any design or pattern you like and we will build it for you in the height and width you desire.

Before and after with split pole bamboo. Before: UGLY 5 foot chain link fence. No privacy, no softness, lots of ugly. After: with the simple addition of split fencing attached with plastic ties or hemp type twine, the ugly chain link fence is transformed into a 6 foot tall natural looking fence that provides privacy, both with the close weave of the bamboo and the additional one foot in height. 100 feet of this type of fence was installed by the customer in a little over an hour.

Koi Ponds
Koi Ponds Koi ponds are an attractive addition to any yard or garden and give you a peaceful place where you can sit quietly listening to the trickling water while watching the graceful Koi slide past. A Koi pond is an enclosed freshwater system for keeping Koi, which are a breed of fancy carp from Japan. If you are looking for a beautiful respite from the pressures of the outside world, call us to develop your Koi pond.

Bamboo Gates
We have premade and ready to by hung bamboo gates in various sizes and styles.

Bamboo Water Features
Jade Mountain carries bamboo water features such as the always popular deer scarer.

Bamboo Barriers
Jade Mountain's bamboo barrier is a 40 mil, 24 inches deep, high impact polyurethane that we both sell and install.

Privacy and Blocking with Bamboo
While few sounds equal a soft warm wind gently carressing bamboo leaves, some of our customers buy bamboo for just one reason: privacy. Why? Many new homes today are built close to each other and thus deny the 'inner space' and privacy we all desire. You don't want a backyard party or dip in the hot tub ruined by curious neighbors peering down on you from their second story window.

Jade Mountain customers realize that bamboo may be the answser. It's quick vertical growth, low maintenance and evergreen features make it much more desirable than planting trees to accomplish the same thing - and it does it far faster than trees. Within three years your privacy screen will be complete! The same privacy screen with trees would take from 10 - 15 years and most trees are not evergreen!

Books Books Books
We sell several books on bamboo, ornamental grasses, Japanese garden design, Japanese maples and bonsai. Our most popular books on bamboo are: "Bamboos in the Garden" by local author Ted Meredith of Seattle, "The Gardener's Guide to Growing Temperate Bamboo" by Michael Bell of England, and "Building Bamboo Fences" by Isao Yoshikawa of Japan.

Rain Chains
Jade Mountain offers rain chains in both brass and copper with a variety of colors and designs.