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I just wanted you to know that all my bamboo is growing well and I shall be back to get more. I especially enjoy all the information you have available in your nursery. My yard consists of several areas that I compliment with your bamboo. Here is a photo of my hummingbird area.

Samie Hand

I live alongside a tempermental river and began growing bamboo as an effort at errosion control. Bamboo, being how it is, quickly converted me into a lover and grower. Over twelve years I have been finding different bamboos at nurseys and auctions and now have several small groves to enjoy.

Visiting Jade Mountain Bamboo, I was overjoyed to find a large array of choices and the pleasure of seeing many of their varieties in the ground and exhibiting how they naturally clump or spread. Phil Davidson clearly loves what he is doing with acres of lovely plants and his familiarity with them is valuable information which he generously shares.

A leisurely visit to Jade Mountain Bamboo and a strolling conversation with Phil replaces many a book or theory on growing.

Alice Durrie
Tahuya Washington

I stopped by Jade Mountain Bamboo really not knowing what to expect. I did want a bamboo privacy screen as our neighbor had recently clear cut the area past our backyard. Phil and Dale showed and explained to us several different species which would fit our needs. Their enthusiasm for the plants was very evident.

They also showed us one of the most beautiful bamboos I've ever seen: the Chinese Walking Stick. I had to have one of those! I've been back several times.

Sharon Wright
Tacoma, Washington

I've never seen a plant nursery quite like Jade Mountain Bamboo. It seems more like a private garden or park than a regular nursery. They have many species of bamboo in different colors and sizes and are more than happy to explain growing this exotic plant.

They also have many species of ornamental grasses, cured bamboo poles from China in all sizes, hand carved Japanese style garden lanterns, and bonsai.

Bill Sanders
Bremerton, Washington

I found Jade Mountain Bamboo nursery by accident. I was driving along Canyon Road when I saw their sign. Always having an interest in bamboo but not sure if I could grow it in the Northwest, I decided to check it out. I was overwhelmed by the amount and different kinds of bamboo they have.

John Mitchell
Portland, Oregon

Phil asked if he could be of help and gave me a tour. I saw bamboo I never knew existed and that would grow here (in the Northwest). He also showed me the koi pond and how bamboo, maples, pines and ornamental grasses could be blended together to make a garden. The nursery layout along with the service was great!

Terry Owens
Olympia, Washington

Thanks for the quick service. The plants arrived in great shape! I will be buying more bamboo from you in the future!

John Ellis
Eureka, Montana

The privacy screen bamboo I bought from you last spring is doing great. The new shoots this year are up to 10 feet already and still growing. The junk pile my neighbor has is a fading memory as the bamboo fills in the space to block that eyesore. Plus the bamboo is nice to look at. Do you have any bamboo shoot recipes?

Stacy McNeil
Gig Harbor, Washington

I went to Jade Mt Bamboo not to buy bamboo plants but the poles they get from China. I wanted to make a Japanese style gate and some fencing. Phil showed me their large selection of poles and John, who makes bamboo fencing in many different styles, answered my questions on building with bamboo. He also suggested I purchase a book on building bamboo fences which I did.

When I periodically call with questions, Phil, Dale, Chris and John, have all been most helpful. I'll be back!

Mike White
Seattle, Washington

I called Jade Mountain asking if they had any Asian style stoneware. They said they did and I drove out to see what they had. I was expecting the typical concrete mold lanterns, statuary and water basins. To my surprise all the stoneware was from China and hand carved. There was so much to choose from and in different colors. A large hand carved rose colored granite koi fish caught my eye and I had to have it.

John showed me the water gardens, koi pond, bamboo fencing, torii gate and other things I barely knew existed. John said if I saw something in a Asian garden design book that he could replicate it. His bamboo fencing is most impressive along with the black bamboo they sell.

Colleen Llamas
University Place, Washington

We look forward to seeing you soon and filling your bamboo needs !